We pursue the principle of sustainable development


Every day we lose a bit of nature, i. e. local flora and fauna, in South Africa. Many people have no future but are full of hope.

Successfully implemented – Thanks to everybody who helped us raising the financial means to improve the standard of living of Jackson’s family
A social project in Cullinan/South Africa


Help through self-help

  • Employment creation
  • Tourism on ecological basis
  • Preservation and resettlement of native animals
  • Settlement of primary flora and fauna
  • Recreational activities/Rehabilitation

Every day we lose a bit of nature in South Africa as well as native animals, flora and fauna. Many people have no future but are full of hope.

I am an individualist who brings up the courage and would like to improve this situation in South Africa with financial resources and physical / mental work in the long term and for the future of our children.

The land on which the projects are to take place has an area of 25 hectares and is located about 17 kilometres from the municipality. Not too close, so animals and nature can live in peace. There are three houses. The private house is about 280 sqm, the second house is about 130 sqm and the third house is about 60 sqm.

The men in South Africa

Primarily, people who live in poverty are to be helped by creating jobs.

The following activities / professions can be carried out in the projects:

  • Forest worker, gardener, florist
  • Timberman, carpenter, roofer, bricklayer and helper
  • Electrician, electronics engineer
  • Cook, help in housekeeping
  • Office worker, office assistant
  • Gamekeeper, Ranger for snakes handling.
  • Spiritual Healer


A 130-square-meter-house can be perfectly used as a backpacker accommodation for 12 persons.

The second house is a guesthouse for three people.

The land (bushland) is already surrounded by a wild fence. There is a water dam on the highest point and two drill holes on the lowest point.

A very large tree which is ideal for a tree house is also available.

There are four plots, four hectares each, on which tree houses are built for rent. The tenants are supplied with water and gas for cooking. The tree houses are provided for maximum two persons.

Three observation platforms are distributed on the premises.

A total of three tents can be used on the property.

There are small trails for mountain bikes. Motor vehicles are not allowed for tourists, to not disturb the nature and the wild animals.

Projects / Volunteer Programs

  • Social volunteer work and financial support from people with responsibility from all over the world
  • Worldwide networking of projects
  • Volunteer programs for people with responsibility and innovative ideas for the design of novel methods for local citizens in order to provide them with subsistence.

Preservation and reintegration of domestic animals

  • Particularly endangered animal species such as cheetahs, small cats, antelopes, zebras, monkeys, birds, reptiles and invertebrate animals
  • Various biotopes for different creatures such as turtles, saurians (e.g., lizards), snakes
  • Fresh water streams and ponds
  • Reptile collection and rearing station
  • Brooding and breeding station for endangered birds
  • A rescue centre for mistreated pets

Settlement of original flora and fauna

  • Clearing from alien plants of all kinds
  • Resettlement of native trees, shrubs, grasses and plants in general
  • Tree nursery, breeding and propagation of the historical native flora and fauna
  • Sale of the new cultivated plants

Recreational activities / Rehabilitation

  • For children with disabilities
  • Instructions for the construction of historic huts and canoes
  • Cultivation of vegetables and spices and their manufacture
  • Cultural, spiritual and magical ceremonial meetings
  • Production of singing bowls, drums and other musical instruments as well as presentations of the spiritual songs
  • Young people who collect plastic and metallic materials and start a recycling program. Example Cape Town.

This venture is, as everyone can see, a long-term project. We start small and build it up slowly. The emphasis in this case is on the word „slow“. Only if we can gain the confidence of the local population slowly and sustainably our target will be successful on a long-term basis.

„Creating trust for humans and animals, for the future of our children – that is our purpose!“

Help yourself by helping us, so that we have a tomorrow and a future for the next generations.